Thursday, February 25, 2010

14 Blades

I never thought that I would actually find Donnie Yen HOT!XD.Wu Zun also looks better in the movie.Kate Tsui character's name in the movie is hilarious!XD

There's one part in the movie where he and the girl was in a bath house after bathing seperately,they dressed up and the girl was talking about her past and what she's looking for in her future lover.She's definitely giving him hints that she's interested!And then he gave this piercing-look and he walks closer(He was shirtless!AHHH~!XD) to her and he just continue's staring,then next scene!-_-lll.I don't get that part seriously!But somehow that's the part that's installed into my memory...

Donnie Yen,I like you when you're bigger with more muscles!But you look weird when your shirt buttons looks like its gonna pop out!XD

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