Sunday, April 4, 2010

How To Train Your Dragon!



I actually watched it last week but was busy playing Katamari Damacy to update about it!XD.I was nuts about it ever since I got it!Dad almost didn't wanna buy it but he said I rarely buy games so YAY ME!XD.Finally the English version is out and I can enjoy all the cute Katamaris running around!XD
I'm not that dark,its actually my younger sisters body.

Toothless is so cute!!!XD.He was trying to smile widely like Hiccup(Yes,thats the dude's name,how weird,he doesn't hiccup at all in the movie).Somehow he reminds me of my dog,Ding Ding.
Groomers shaved all her fur so she's not so cute anymore,just joking!I love her no matter how she looks like!XD.IF only Malaysia has four seasons then she could keep her fluffy hair...

I think this movie is quite nice!It has good humour,cute dragons,and awesome voice actors!Gerard Butler was Hiccup's dad.America Ferrera was the hot chick in the movie.I give it a rating of 8/10!But it has a cliche ending where when Hiccup looks under the blanket,then it turns out he lost one of his legs,predictable and I nearly cried when Toothless fell into the water cause I thought its gonna die.The movie is cliche cause its about a guy named Hiccup who can't fit in with his village people,can't click with his dad,lost his mum,and has no strength also known as a wimp.So in the end,he became a hero and everyone loves and respects him.

But its another good movie from DREAMWORKS.I prefer Wall-E to this movie though.What do you think?

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