Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Pirated OPI POLISH?!0_0

Yes,its true!There is pirated OPI Polish!I discovered it last week when I was following my mum to the morning market!When I first saw it,I didn't know it was fake until I found out that the nail polish only cost RM8.00.There is no way in this planet that you can get OPI nali polish for that cheap!The vendor lady even said that it uses the same formula from OPI so me being very curious aka Kepo bought one in black cause there's not much colors there and to test it out if it really meet with the same standards of the REAL OPI.Seriously,those people who make pirated stuff are really smart!

The little red one is called 'Off With Her Red!' from the Alice In Wonderland OPI line and its original,Original OPI nail polish 'Lunch At Delhi'(I haven't tried that color yet!>_<), the infamous pirated OPI polish in Black(wrong name at the bottom at the polish so I call it black!) So I painted my left fingers with the Off With Her Red polish and my right fingers with the black polish.I am still not good at putting on polishes smoothly,must practice more!

Seems like any normal red to me!

My very horrible photography skills can't capture the color properly...

The pirated OPI has a thicker texture,smudges easily,chips off easily and more concentrated compared to the original OPI.It even gets scratches!

I will stick to buying original OPI eventhough its more pricey but it doesn't chip of easily,smoother application and better quality!.I will try China Glaze nail polish when I have my allowance!Wait,I can't buy anymore,cause I have too many colors and must save cash!Spend less to help the environment!

MERDE!I got exams this Friday and I haven't touched a single note!