Saturday, March 6, 2010

Finding Snowflakes blogshop!

I was reading Diary Of An E-Shopaholic then I stumbled into this blogshop called Finding Snowflakes.They sell handmade trinkets/accessories that are vintage and unique!They have one-of-a-kind rings,bracelets and necklaces which made from pendants that are found from everywhere in the world.Since I'm a big fan of handmade stuff and classic pieces,I bought a ring and a necklace from there that I think will be suitable with my lolita clothes or even daily clothes.Its quite pricey but I'm willing to splurge on it cause there's only one piece each and its rare!XD.Now I'm broke! My package arrived quite fast thanks to Poslaju,I got the package 2 days after banking-in and Ida(Finding Snowflakes owner) packed all my items in bubble wrap including my change too even the insides of the envelope are bubble wrap!I was popping the bubble wrap like crazy!Bubble wrap HEAVEN!XD

I rate her service 8/10!She mistaken my name was Amanda...-_-lll,but its alright!XD.And her postage charges are quite pricey just for 2 accessories,maybe cause of the amount of bubble wrap she used.

The ring is called 'Linger' and its adjustable!Finally something that can fit my fingers!
Even the details are awesome!XD.It costs around RM58.Sorry for the blurr pictures,I am not a good photographer! The necklace I bought called 'Sitting Pretty'.I fell in love with it when I saw it!XD.RM68.

This is how they look like when worn together with my lolita blouse.

God bless my dark circles!I need eye cream and concealer,any recommendations?My wavy hair is growing out!I was still half-asleep!
It has MSG!0_0
And it bloody spicy!Me likes!XD

I'm gonna clean my fishies aquarium now and try to do some Maths exercises later!Toodles!^_^

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hey kylie, big hugs for showcasing my snowflakes on yr blog. i'm glad you liked them. sorry for the oopsy on the name during my first email - crazy time that day during the sale!

just to let u know that even my pendants are handmade as the casings are found separately. so the pendants are not just found ready-made and placed on a chain.i actually hand make and craft parts together for each snowflake...which explains the pricing for the items :)

do drop by again as i will be releasing 2 capsule collections soon. and i've put a link to this post/yr blog in my chatbox!

xoxo snowflake