Tuesday, March 9, 2010


3rd semester started last week actually but i'm still not getting used to it and it's only 7 weeks of study so have to rush everything into my brain!0_0...Maths is killing me softly and there's even a test for it on the coming 3rd-5th week!0_0.Kanasai-ness!I haven't adapt the formulas into my brain yet!

Social Psychology lecturer has the 'awesome' habit of telling his grandpa stories until we go out of topic therefore,we can't even finish the 1st chapter properly!He's boring and I think he tries too hard to make us laugh.But he gets super excited when he starts talking about football.-_-lll.Dude,we have freaking 10 chapters!How to finish it in 7weeks?!Kanasai you siao ah?!

And to you,bitch,I'm sick of hearing you complain everyday once you step into the car!Stop putting words in my mouth!Stop thinking that the world rotates around you!Stop leaving your dirty underwear in the bathroom,it's disgusting for kanasai-ness sake!

Seriously,things like these just makes me want to run away to somewhere where its quiet and no one to disturb me!Maybe I will go live on the mountains one day!BTW,this Epik High song is awesome!So ironic!

P.S:I still have not watched 'Alice In Wonderland'...T_T...

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