Friday, March 5, 2010

Anna Sui...

I got a 30ml bottle of Anna Sui Rock Me! EDT from my mum for my birthday last year and it's bloody expensive around RM180+!The smell is really nice though!XD.I even got a sample of the mascara but haven't tried it out yet.Maybe will take some pictures and show you guys later.

Cool bottle design!XD
I like the bottle!Looks a bit vintage with the flower pattern engraved on the bottle!XD

My aunt got me a L'Occitane Wild Cherry Tree EDT!It's the latest scent from L'Occitane selling in stores in Malaysia now!The scent is really sweet and after smelling it,I think its the best among all the other L'Occitane's EDTs!It costs RM149 for a 50ml bottle!So it's quite worth it compared to the Anna Sui EDT.I'm using it everyday now!^_^

I love the bag they gave!It's biodegradable and recycled from apple remnants!
A closer look to the print on the paper bag!So pretty!

And Darren Lee got me this as a birthday gift from Singapore!
Its one of the Vocaloids,Kagamine Rin which is very popular in Japan right now.They're not anime apparently.

The red pig was a gift from Krendy last year!Thanks,'Mama'!XD.The black & white paper clip is a souvenir from Melaka from Kenneth,I think its a zebra but zebra don't have pink ears!Its a cross between a pig and a zebra then!XD


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√Črielle Delzer said...

L'Occitane has the best products! They smell so good :)