Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Alice In Wonderland Movie

Honestly,I find that movie a little boring and it's not worth it watching in 3D cause there was not many effects that will so called 'come out from the screen'.

(Warning:Some spoilers alert!)Johnny Depp was awesome but he talks too fast maybe cause he's the Mad Hatter.The Cheshire Cat is ADORABLE!XD.He doesn't seem adorable when I saw its picture before watching the movie but after the movie,I fell in love with it!XD.Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum are adorable too!I really like the part where the Red Queen said,"Fat Boys!Where are my fat boys?!".And the twins came out with heart-shaped stamped on their forehead with blurr expressions on their face.


I really love the make-up they did on the movie!Especially the Mad Hatter's!The Red Queen's Castle and White Queen's Castle was really beautiful!If only they're real!I would love to live in the Red Queen's castle!

I wonder how long it took to complete the whole make-up...

Anyway,I won't update as often cause of college and exams!But I'll try to update if I have the chance!Having Jared Leto fever currently!XD
He looks good with a little moustache!XD.OMG,his piercing blue eyes!*faints*

He looks good in eyeliner too!XD


vinodkumar said...

hi, thanks for the information on the movie, i really love depp, from the beginning, and really like to watch his acting with the characters like this one...

Eci si Cami said...

Can not we think but me and my family we love cartoons even if my wife there 40 years!
Alice is cool .... we think!
We greet with respect and you will read with pleasure!

caroline thinks said...

i just saw alice in wonderland, in 3D it was great!

Maddie(: said...

Omg that guy is hoooot(: Alice in Wonderland was good, but not many
3D effects which I was upset about.