Wednesday, March 3, 2010

OPI Alice In Wonderland Series

Pink one is called Lunch At Delhi!Maybe gonna use that after trying all the Alice In Wonderland colors!XD

I finally got it!XD*jumps like she's on high*

Absolutely Alice,Thanks So Muchness!(it has a fine glitter in it!),Off With Her Red! & Mad As A Hatter.

I got the Mini Set from this blog for only RM35!So worth it!I got another color not in the Alice series in 15ml cost RM30 cause there was a promotion last month.Buy more than RM60 get free postage(only for ready stock items)!Sadly the promotion is over. :-(

I rate the service I got from the blog a 9/10!XD.Sharon(the blog owner) is a very friendly and she replies my emails quite fast and she packs my pink nail polish in bubble wrap to prevent it from breaking while Poslaju is sending it to my house and shoves polystyrene bits into my Alice In Wonderland box for I don't know what reason but I don't care!XP

There are many selection of nail polishes from different brands in her blog and the best thing is they're affordable!1 bottle of OPI nail polish only cost RM30,much cheaper than retail shops which sells for RM49 above!So go check out the blog,ladies and gentleman too if they're curious!Current promotion is free Registered Post for purchases above RM100!

She has another blog selling NYX cosmetics too!At affordable prices!Go check it out!^_^.I'm maybe getting the Jumbo Eye Pencil and Round Lipstick once I got my allowance for next month!I should really stop spending on online stuff,but it's so tempting! style="color: rgb(255, 0, 0);">Mad As A Hatter!


Just ME said...

These are some cool colors thanks for sharing. I love opi polish.

Kylie Lung said...

Your welcome!XD.Yeah!OPI ROCKS!XD

copper stiletto said...

Great polish I use it all the time cute sparkles bty!

HotBeautifulMess said...

i bought this todayyy.. check out the OPI matte, amazing.

Kylie Lung said...

Yeah,I like polish that sparkles!XD

I heard about OPI Matte,will check it out soon!^_^