Sunday, March 21, 2010

The CLEO Beauty Workshop by Neutrogena

Finally I could update about this,I was so busy last week cause of exams,assignments and have to entertain my baby cousin.

It was my first time going to a Beauty Workshop and it was held in the Workshop Room,The Gardens Club and I really like the location though I couldn't find it the first time!XD.

The purpose for this Beauty Workshop is for us to try out the new range of products from Neutrogena which is the Hydro Boost Range.
The tables are decorated with everything blue!
This mirror is adorable!XD
I don't know what drink this is,but it's nice!
My retarded phone with only 2.0 megapixel,can't take picture of peoples faces clearly.She's the Chief Editor of CLEO Magazine Malaysia,Ms.Lynette Ow.
She's the brand manager of Neutrogena Malaysia sorry forgotten her name.She is always moving so I can never take her picture...-_-lll

We got to try the products on the table.
-First,we have to remove our make-up and dirt from our face using the Deep Clean Cleansing Lotion.

-Secondly,I tried the Hydro Boost foam cleanser and I have to pump out a lot of the foam so that it will be enough for my face.Sadly,I didn't get a picture of it.
-Thirdly,is the Hydro Boost Lotion(also known as toner).It gives a very refreshing feeling!
-Fourthly,tried the Hydro Boost Serum.
-after applying the serum,we must apply the Water Gel.
This is the nicest product in the whole Hydro Boost range!The Hydro Boost Water Gel!Its so nice until one of the ladies sitting at my table keep putting some on her face and neck!It really helps in reducing fine lines especially the lines at your neck and makes your skin really soft too!

We were suppose to try on the mask after applying the Water Gel but I didn't try it cause I wanna use it when I'm at home.
The miniature mask!So cute!XD.The reason they have holes in the mask is to give oxygen to your face while having the mask on your face and the 4 slits at the corners are to ensure that it fits any face shape cause it's a fabric type of material.
Some finger foods for us during the break!

I got the last strawberry tart!Muahahaha!XD

The toilets in The Garden Club,are HUGE!It's 4X bigger than my room!0_0.They have one big room and they split it into 2 sections,1 for the toilet bowl so that you can do your no.1 and no.2,the other section is bigger with the sink and a box of tissues is prepared on a little pedestal beside the sink,super spacious room that i could jump around without hitting anything but there's no mirror in there!There's another toilet 'room'(not gonna use 'stall' cause cannot be compared to one!),that specially caters to guests who wants to shower,its a big room with a big shower cubicle with glass walls and has a tall mirror there!0_0. I wish I had my camera with me during that time to show to you that I am not exagerating!I sound so jakun right now!XD

What's inside the bag?Hmm...
*big smile*^_^
I have always wanted to try this after reading about it from magazines!Now I don't even have to buy it!They gave me refills also!XD
It even comes with a battery!
This product is awesome awesome awesome!I love it right after testing it!It shows results immediately after application!It's selling for RM59.90 in pharmacies and I don't need to cough up cash to buy it!XD

I haven't tried the mask yet,maybe later!I got 2 vouchers that gives you RM15 off for each set of the Hydro Boost Range you purchase,only can be used in Guardian.Anyone wants it?
Free CLEO notebook and Neutrogena mini mirror!

Overall,the Hydro Boost Range is very good for all skin types!It makes your skin brighter and smoother after the first use!Its affordable too!XD.If there's any beauty workshops by CLEO coming soon,I will definitely join again!XD

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