Friday, April 23, 2010

A tribute to EARTH DAY!

The video's too long for my blog...-_-lll...but if you can see it then there's no problem there!XD

I think this video is really creative and it can be related to everyone!I got a little goosebump watching it!And everything there are made with hands!I wonder how many hands were used in that video...?

Earth Day was on 22 April and I such a horrible person to not know that!*punches self*.Some nature lover i was...

Earth Hour was on 27 March so its a different event and lucky I did my research!XD.Earth Hour is more of a campaign to encourage people about Climate Awareness!Organised by World Wide Fund For Nature(WWF),the organisation with the cute panda mascot!I didn't know the change name already!From World Wildlife Foundation ---> World Wide Fund For Nature...kanasai they have to make the name damn long...-_-lll.Well at least now they focus more on the wider range of nature,last time it was only endangered species.

What pains me now is that since its the Year of the Tiger this year,why must you kill tigers god damn it?!

Read this article then you know why I'm pissed off at my own human race...

P.S:Its so hard to concentrate in my revision...T_T...I have not even started on Social Psychology...I'm so dead...T_T


Valia Lind said...

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Haupi said...

Huh? I didn't know they had wild animal cartels. Wow. Thanks for the heads up. I know something has to be done, but when you talk of cartels I wonder how they were able to get this powerful in the first place! Yikes.