Sunday, April 11, 2010

My First Car Accident

My friends(3 people) and I were in the car(Kelisa) on the way back from my college and my friend was driving the car and we were stuck in a jam then suddenly the car at the back(Proton Saga) of us,hit us!Thankfully we all had our seatbelts on and we didn't get any injuries.Friend that was driving got really pissed off and slammed the door on his way out and nearly wanted to punch the dude that knocked us.The Saga dude was pissed off too and immediately said it was not his fault and in that dude's car was his family(wife and kids) and his baby knocked his head and it became swollen and his kids were in the back also.Saga dude said a Pajero hitted his car then he hitted my friend's car but the Pajero ran away so therefore everyone is pissed!Thankfully my friend didn't punch the Saga dude.

Friend's car only got a little scratch,Saga's front bumper had it worst but the back is still alright,and Pajero was nowhere to be seen!I hope KARMA gets that pussy that was driving the Pajero!

On a happy note,I am getting a Perodua Myvi!XD.The sad thing is that I have forgotten how to drive,eventhough I have a license...T_T

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