Sunday, February 21, 2010

Hot CNY!

Bloody hell!Ever since the start of Chinese New Year,the weather got hotter and it didn't rain for days!

It's even hotter in my kampung in Ipoh,Perak!I was sweating under my legs and arms and back even when I was sitting down,which made me pissy at all the little things!My aunt thinks she's a know-it-all which annoyed me and I saw the faces she makes after someone disagrees with her behind their back so gonna be careful with her or maybe just do it back at her.XP

The good thing was 2 ducks appeared in my grandpa's house backyard one day and laid a lot of eggs and grandpa is keeping the ducks now by making a fence at the backyard cause he thinks the ducks bring luck.-_-lll.They feed human food-leftovers to be exact to the ducks...-_-lll.Grandma proudly said,"The ducks are very clever in eating the leftover meat and etc..!".Hopefully the ducks won't die of obesity cause there was plenty of leftovers!

I vow to not gamble this Chinese New Year and I didn't!Let's just say I think gambling is not cool ,rather keep my angpau money in its normal state and I rather sit somewhere and engrossed myself to a good book!

Was reading this book while I was stuck in kampung which has no internet!T_T.Has Astro but always hogged by aunties...-_-lll.The book is quite funny and I recommend it!XD

Had my reunion dinner on Friday due to some unforeseen circumstances with my dad's side of the family excluding emo grandpa at some restaurant in SS2 called Little Paris.The exterior doesn't look like Paris and the food was not French food,its just some Chinese food restaurant.The food was just so-so...
Aunt,uncle,grandma,dad & mum

Watermelon balls!XD
from the top:me,Kye Ci,Kye Jan,Kye Chin,Kye Tze,Grandma,Kye Ernn
She copied me!!!>_<
I am not gonna laugh at this picture...HAHAHA!XD

14th February,I decided to go bling-bling this year cause I couldn't find any decent red top for Chinese New Year.

Oh,that's emo grandpa in the white...

Celebrated my other grandpa's 80th birthday at Overseas Restaurant and the food was not satisfying except for the roasted pork!XD
The balding man in white is my grandpa and he was drunk!XD.Keep re-filing his Hennessy whisky!

Almost the whole family of my mum's side,got more people but didn't come in the picture.The know-it-all aunt is the one in purple sitting beside grandpa.

But the amount of money I got from the angpau's this year has decreased compared to last year eventhough I didn't gamble this year...My blonde Alice wig hasn't arrived yet...

My favourite lecturer passed away due to post martum depression...T_T.May she rest in peace...

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