Friday, February 19, 2010

2010 look!

My blogging mojo is back temporarily.As you can see,I gave my boring old blog,a new bright look for the new year!I like it that the colors are like candy colors!XD

Gonna create a wishlist too!XD

And I find Chinese New Year boring all these years,except for the reunion dinners where I get to eat yummy food!Shark's fin soup and roasted suckling pig!And not forgetting the angpau's!XD

I can't wait for my darling's Gee Gee and Ding Ding to come home from the pet shop later!I didn't see them since last Friday so miss them like crazy...T_T

I will have to find one day to blog about my Penang Trip last month and to show you guys the yummy yummy food I ate!Me love food~XD

P.S:Check my previous post for pictures of cakes and chocolate fountain!XD

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