Saturday, December 12, 2009

My birthday on 2009!XD

Finally after procrastinating for months about updating my blog!XD.I lost my blogging mojo...XD

Let's just say,it was a more like a small gathering with my friends and family.My dear college friends surprised me with a cake after i finished my class!Thanks a lot,guys!Love you!XD.I didn't expect them to even care whether its my birthday or not but in the end they did so thank you so much for that!XD.

I ate at Lemon Cafe,Shangri-La Hotel with my family,and the desserts section is the best part,I ate some chinese food for the 1st round but immediately went to the dessert section after that!XD.Sure can get diabetes if eat too much,but who cares,you only live once!XD.

This is some Mango thingy that I don't really like...Mango is not my favorite fruit after all...

Once I'm rich and live in some big mansion,these fountains would be my centerpiece!XD
The lollipops are humonguous!Really!You gotta see it to believe it!It looks small in this picture!

Random shot of my dad!XP
The thought of diabetes was out of my mind that day!XD
Berries galore!XD
I only ate the blueberries on top!XD.Blueberry freak!the others are just blah...

Later in the evening,went out with the old gang(minus Chloe who's in Russia & Fei Sin aka Jay Chou's No.1 fan) so its just me with the guys again,but my cousin and her friend joined us also.We ate at some new Korean BBQ restaurant owned by a Korean lady,its just alright,not as nice as Daorae.They surprised me with an aquarium with 7 guppies inside and a recycled Mashimaro toy!XD.Love you guys!!!XD.Now only 2 of the fishes survived and got more than 5 baby fishes!XD

On with the pictures!!!

Where's Fei Sin and Chloe?T_T

Recycled Mashimaro!XP

No,you can't poke her eyes with that!
Someone's bored!

Weng Cheok's and Shurong's creation...-_-lll

Now let's see which 2009 resolutions that I have achieved...
1.Complete my foundation in art successfully!-Not yet

2.Build up my lolita wardrobe.-Done!I got a skirt and a jumperskirt from Bodyline!XD

3.Remember about Korea trip when I turn 25!-DUH!

4.Go Taiwan when I turn 21!-Not yet

5.Go to Japan someday...T_T-Cannot be achieved

6.Study hard to pursue languages!-Unsure

7.Cosplay in Comic Fiesta!-Didn't cosplay but just dressed up!

8.Maintain my relationship with my old schoolmates!^_^-DUH!

So I did no.2,3,7,8!XD

I already updated my 2010 New Year Resolutions at the sidebar!XD

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