Monday, March 30, 2009

Adam Lambert...

is HOT!!!XD

A hot 27 year old guy who can sing and still look hot!Who has a hot friend!(I saw his hot friend at the audience when they were showing Adam's family and friends in the audience!XD)

I got good goosebumps when I was watching him perform 'Tracks Of My Tears'.He was singing the song so gently that I feel warm and fuzzy!XD

But its very predictable that a Hot guy like him will be gay...WHY?!T_T

I don't have anything against homosexuals but if all the hot guys in the world are gay then us girls will only get 'not so hot guys'!0_0.NOOOoooo...~~~!!!

But there's always fictional characters where you can fantasize about!XD

I CAN'T GET NO SATISFACTION!!!XD.This is definitely a must karaoke song!XD

Oh yeah!I will take a really good look at your face!XD.He can beat Zac Efron in Hairspray anytime!XD

P.S:That Paula Abdul is one hamsap old lady!0_0

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