Sunday, March 22, 2009

Miss you,miss you...

I really miss my buddies who went out of the country!Jun Hin went to Singapore to work for 1 month!Shurong went to Sabah for NS!And also Everyone who is starting college soon or already started college!T_T.Please come back soon!And I bet Shurong is gonna bring back a very special girl!XD

Anyway,I'm just waiting for the letter to know whether I will be chosen for Form6...I ain't gonna go to college cause my parents can't afford it and the colleges don't have courses that trains to you to become lecturers or language majors.The thing is I don't know which school to go!
-SMK Seri Sentosa?

I have been talking with my parents and my aunts a lot on what to do after SPM,I have heard their experience and I finally decided to become a Japanese language Major or a lecturer!

So in order to do that,I have to complete Form6 and go to university and go pursue languages!^_^.Since its not popular in Malaysia so not many colleges are offering that course and only local and some private universities have that course!

And I went to the Education Fair in Mid Valley but none of the courses offered there seems to impress me.In the end I have only wasted their paper!XD

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