Wednesday, March 25, 2009

DaoRae korean BBQ restaurant!

Yesterday went to that restaurant in my title for lunch with Ivan,Weng Cheok,Chloe and Jayce!I saw a DBSK poster and a small photograph of them with the boss of the restaurant!They ate at the restaurant before!!!0_0.Xiah looks so HOT in the picture!XD.Hiro still has his blonde hair too.There's also a FT Island(bunch of ***holes!) autograph poster on the wall but no picture.I forgot to take the picture of the DBSK poster!!!T_T

Well,I definitely wanna go back there again and this time with Jun Hin and Shurong too!I ate Dolsot Bibimbap!My favourite!XD.Jayce,Ivan & Cheok ordered the Rm14 lunch set and Chloe ordered cold noodles which taste very weird that all of us won't help her eat it!0_0.Jayce and Cheok ordered 2 BBQ Pork dishes!rich people!XD

My half-eaten Bibimbap!XD
Ivan the Korea freak!XD
Jayce!I have editted the pimple away!Nice leh?XD
Weng Cheok!He loves his veggies!XD

It really worth it to eat there!They refill the side dishes and the seaweed soup!They give you free Korean Pancake,watermelon and barley!I love the barley drink cause its very sweet!XD

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