Monday, January 24, 2011

First time to Chicpop!

It was my first time to a Chicpop event and it was cool cause you can actually see the clothes in person rather than staring at the PC screen and wondering whether the clothes really look that good or is it edited in terms of lighting and colors.Funny thing is I didn't buy any clothes at all!I just got myself some really cool accessories cause there was so many unique stuff there!XD.

There was a few shops selling vintage clothes,shoes,bags,and John Lennon/Liam Gallagher inspired sunglasses.Almost got one for myself but I saw a really nice one when I was shopping on 6th Sungei Wang so I'll probably get it there if the price is reasonable.

This is what I wore for the event.Space loose crop top-RM20 from 6th floor Sungei Wang,Grey Zipper Skinny Jeans-RM50 from Beetch,High-heel Wedges from Vincci.I have learn a really good lesson that day,never run in heels especially when you're wearing it for the first time because my legs was shaking so much after I ran to my friends and after a few hours of walking in it,I was in pain so I SALUTE CHICKS THAT CAN WALK IN HEELS FOR HOURS AND ALSO RUNNING IN THEM!Thank god,I brought some flat shoes cause I knew that was gonna happen.

Audrey,Me and Pei Yi who just came back to visit from Australia recently!We got ourselves a free make-up session with Topshop Make-up which had a booth during the event too!XD

I really like what the make-up artist did to my eyes!Smokey eye look!I really need to go trim my eyebrows,I wanna try threading so hopefully its not so painful!I just asked them to do the eye make-up and lip gloss cause I already had foundation on my face and I don't wanna get break outs cause they all use the same brush on everyone's face.But I already have other people's germs on my eyes and lips but you won't get zits at those parts of your face right?

Close up on my top!Some of the stars are star-shaped studs and this top was love at first sight for me cause it was so unique and it is hard to find outer space inspired tops here!They have it at other colors such as Dusty Pink and Grey but Black is the best!More space like!XD

The earrings I got for only RM10 from The Curve.Out of all the chunky earrings they have,this was the outstanding one!Even Audrey thinks its the nicest one!Seriously,another love at first sight moment for me!XD

The Tongue In Chic goodie bag!XD.God,me love goodie bags!XD

The vouchers and the sanitary pads are from the goodie bag while the rest is purchased with my own money!The chain thing is actually a hair accessory!

This is how the hair chain looks like!Well,it looks like that on Takorina,my Octopus.I'll take a nicer picture of it on a human head soon.It costs RM40 cause it uses 5 chains.It has another design in 3 chains only RM30.Got this from the Zikkos booth.I also got a 15% voucher to use when purchasing their stuff online.AWESOME!XD.Maybe I'll get this when I get my next allowance!XD

Got these two bangles for only RM10!RM5 each and I was having a hard time choosing which one to get but I fell in love with the purple tigers and I really love snakes too!So got them both!XD

Got this Dragon Ring from the Zikkos both too!RM30,I know quite pricey but it was the last one there and I bought cause I am proud to have my surname which is Lung which means Dragon in Mandarin!My camera phone can't capture its awesomeness here.


Next time when I go to any Chicpop events,I shall wear flat shoes and bring more money!XD

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