Monday, January 10, 2011

Looking back at 2010 and looking at 2011

2010 Resolutions
1.Complete my foundation in art successfully!
2.Build up my lolita wardrobe. =I'm still waiting for my dress and shoes from Aiko.
3.Remember about Korea trip when I turn 25! =I always put aside RM70 every month for it!Now I have RM770 in my piggy bank!XD
4.Try and get a scholarship!
5.Learn the art of make-up!
6.Stop comparing myself to others!
7.Cosplay in Comic Fiesta!
8.Maintain my relationship with my old schoolmates!^_^ =I really enjoy catching with old friends cause we'll update each other on anything!XD
10.TO Finally figuring out what I wanna do until I grow old!

Looks like I only managed to do 4 out of the 10.Oh well,its over!Now I should worry more about this year's resolution!XD

2011 Resolutions!
-To be able to drive on my own!
-Be more optimistic!
-Smile and laugh more!
-Make macaroons!
-Get a new lomo camera!
-Use Blakhol more often!
-Get a branded lolita item!
-Get better results in Semester 2!
-Make new friends and keep old friends!
-Procrastinate less!

Now let's just hope I can achieve those this year!XD

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