Friday, December 31, 2010

My friend's service.

Ivan invited me to this service a month ago and it was my first time going to one so I was pretty excited to go!I invited Ayesha,Jaclyn and Roxanne to join me and all of us dressed up nice-nice to this dinner service!XD.

 The table set up.

 For the starters we had,tuna salad and I don't like don't like salads!>_<

 Ivan who was our server for that day,preparing the main course in front of us.Which was Chicken also.

 With sides of potatoes,cherry tomato,mushrooms and carrots.

 For desserts,Ivan made Crepe Flambe,means it a crepe being flamed,hahaha just joking,ignore that!XD

 Brandy,Orange juice,sugar and water!

Me didn't like this,it tasted a bit burned and the orange juice made it taste weird!If only it was chocolate then it would be awesome!XD

 Ayesha,Jaclyn and Roxanne!Looks like a family photo here!XD

Then I went to his service for the second time!Ivan had his last service before he had his finals but this time he was the manager for the night so someone else became our server.It was some dude who's name I can't recall cause he was quiet and he do things very slow also.

At first Ayesha and Jaclyn was suppose to join me but both had last minute emergencies and I had to find people to replace them but I only managed to get Eleena to come so I felt so guilty that the dude who is gonna serve us is gonna lose his marks cause 1 person is not attending the dinner and also Eleena wore a miniskirt and that will make him lose marks also!T_T.Next time I'll just ask him to reserve for 2 people cause I seriously felt bad and sad and angry when they can't come when initially they said they can come.Lucky got Hui Sien and Eleena or else the poor dude will be dead meat!But the menu for this service is better and it certainly tasted better too!XD
For the starters is MUSHROOM OMELETTE AND IT WAS AWESOME!!!XD.I wish I could get a refill for this!

For the main course we had some fried chicken with some potato wedges and coleslaw at the side.It was just ok,nothing to be amazed about.

For the desserts we had some flamed Mango in orange juice and brandy and cooked the same way as the last service I went to but this time we had a cream puff!!!Me love the cream puff!!!XD.The mango was alright only,maybe cause I don't really like mangoes.

Oh well,I hope I can go to more services that has awesome food and I only have to pay RM10 for it!XD

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