Monday, December 6, 2010

After waiting for 5 hours

So I went to get tickets for the Digi Kpop Night Live today at around 12 something in the afternoon and waited in line till 5p.m to finally reach my turn to get the tickets. Stupid Digi people at the counter type so slowly on the laptop that caused me to wait for 5 bloody hours!They better make this a smooth sailing concert or else I'm gonna stop using Digi!

Back of the envelope.This is the seating arrangements for the concert so I got the  RM200 tickets which is for the GOLD seatings(Blue).The cheapest is the SILVER seats RM120(Yellow) and the most expensive one is the PLATINUM standing i think RM3++ something(Pink) I forgotten the price and I threw the brochure already so please don't think my info is fully accurate or something.Anyway those are the special prices for Digi users.

 Front of the envelope.

The vouchers that are included in the envelope!


There were performances by the Malaysian Beast,Malaysian 4Minute and Malaysian G.NA(I used to pronounce her name like DNA but it wrong.Its like Gina without the i.).The dancers were not so hot according to my parents and little sister so I didn't miss much and Denise from 8TV was hosting the event and they did many many stuff that I can't remember cause my mind was somewhere else.BUT G.NA CALLED FROM KOREA!They finally managed to put her through after 3 attempts and she obviously speaks perfect English in the right slang too because she lived in Canada and she sounds awesome through the phone too and she sang a line from her debut song too!Made me more excited to see her live!She said she cried when she was choose to perform for this event with Beast and 4Minute!Aww...^_^

You can get your tickets at participating outlets such as Digi Centre at Sunway Pyramid,Rock Corner at The Gardens,Victoria Music at Sungei Wang and more that I have forgotten.(regret for throwing the brochure!).You can't see me cause I look so tired and my hair was being a bitch and a pimple on my forehead and nose too.

The link to the website is here!

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