Monday, December 20, 2010

Comic Fiesta and Face Hunter 2010

So Comic Fiesta Day 1 was on the same day that Face Hunter's book signing event(18 December 2010,4-6p.m.)was held!So this is what I wore that I thought that is quite cool IMO.I was bummed out that I didn't win the Face Hunter contest that will let me have a chance to be shot by Yvan Rodic...well,there's always next time I guess.I shall find my personal fashion style until then.
Dress was given by my aunt from the UK,Corset Belt from Sungei Wang RM15,Leggings from flea market RM20,Shoes from adidas RM(I can't remember),Cameo necklace from Finding Snowflakes and Clay Red rose stud earrings from flea market RM10.
Finally managed to match this dress with something cause I was cracking my brains ever since I got this dress!

Met Julie who was in the same foundation course as I am in UTAR!She looks so cute and her doll is adorable!I don't know how she is willing to sacrifice RM1000+ just for that doll...and she's not the only one with a doll in the Comic Fiesta event!0_0.And her hair is real if you're wondering.XP

With Yvan Rodic of Face Hunter!The real reason I went to the book signing was to help Samantha to claim her prize which is his book and to get it signed for her too cause she left for Singapore on the same day.THANK GOD I HAVE AMANDA CHONG WITH ME OR ELSE I WOULDN'T HAVE ARRIVED AT PALATE PALETTE ALIVE TO SEE YVAN RODIC IN PERSON!XD.THANK YOU SO MUCH WOMAN!XD.It took us a monorail ride to Jalan Raja Chulan and a short walk from there to reach Palate Palette Restaurant.But the area is really quiet so best not to go there alone.We were sweating by the time we found the restaurant and my first impression was 'I will need to get used to the stylish fashionable people who don't seem to be very friendly and giving judging looks too'.We walked into the restaurant and thank god there was a nice lady who saw my lost expression and came to help me!THANK YOU NICE LADY!XD

So I got Samantha's book then waited for my turn to get it signed by Yvan.Some people took picture of my shoes and I got interviewed by msn Malaysia Life & Style!Which is the 2nd time cause I was interviewed by them during the La Base launching!XD.Can't wait to see the article on the book signing in msn Malaysia Life & Style!

When it was my turn,he was busy eating some deep fried onion rings/deep fried popiah thing and the first thing I asked him is 'Are you enjoying your food?'...It was out of nervousness so don't kill me for being nervous!And he gave a 'Hmm...' as a reply.Then he asked for my name and I told him I'm helping a friend to get it signed and gave him Samantha's name and this is what he wrote.

I asked him how long is he staying in Malaysia and he said he's leaving the next day.So after he signed my book,I asked to get a picture taken with him and he said ok!Suddenly the girl took a picture with the Fuji Instax Mini 10s-Blue color.Amanda helped me get a picture too!(the 3rd picture)

Actually Samantha was suppose to be in this polaroid instead of I feel guilty!>_<.But I wanted to meet him in person too actually!He takes awesome pictures of awesomely fashionable people all over the world and post it up in his blogs!Didn't know he's so tall and he has beautiful sky blue eyes!I wish I could have told him that he's a real inspiration to me and I really love viewing his blogs and he made me wanna take photography more seriously!Stupid nerves making me regret now!T_T.

Damn its almost 4a.m.!I shall go get ready to sleep now!Then I will probably hit the sack around 5a.m.!Got lotsa cleaning to do tomorrow!Tata~

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