Sunday, May 23, 2010

Materiel launching In Parkson,Pavillion(20 May 2010)

Since I was chosen as 1 of the 42 to appear for Materiel's La Base To Phase Campaign,I was invited to attend the launching at Parkson,Pavillion last Thursday.So I brought Samantha with me cause Yvonne gave me the Ok to bring a friend along!XD.I am not going to this event alone man!

So the event started at 7.30p.m. at Parkson's main entrance,we had to register first and get our GOODIE BAG!XD.Then we just walk around and mingle with our friends there then saw a few celebs such as Amber Chia,Andrea Fonseka,current Miss Malaysia 2010-Miss Nadine Ann Thomas and many more I think but I forgot their names...XD.

This dude was the MC of the event.
Andrea Fonseka beside the Miss Malaysia 2010.
The crowd and spot Amber Chia!
All the celebs and the creator of Materiel was asked to go to the front for the opening ceremony.
They have to tear the paper to reveal the 42 chosen individuals!
This is the results!X3
Spot me!XD
Augustus and Renna who got chosen too!XD
Message tree!I didn't get to put a message on the tree...T_T
From left:Samantha,Renna,Me & Augustus.

The Materiel section in Parkson,4th floor.The clothes are not cheap at all!One sleeveless top cost about RM473...0_0.And one dude in the audience says its cheap...-_-lll
The short fashion show starts!
I only managed to get a few of the models cause they walk quite fast!

The winners with the best messages on the message tree.
Yvonne and I!Thank you for introducing this audition thing to me!XD
I met Ka Vian's friend(sorry,I forgotten your name!) & Ka Vian during the audition and Ka Vian was holding a pink Fisheye 2!SO cute!XD.Ka Vian was chosen as one of the 42 also!XD
Me trying to look shock after seeing myself there...Epic Fail!
Why suddenly so purple wan?
Miss Malaysia 2010,Nadine Ann Thomas,me & Andrea Fonseka.I don't know how you people walk in those more than 3 inch heels?!I must learn also so I can look tall like them!XD

I haven't receive my prizes yet for getting into the top 42!I will wait this week I will get it,I heard!XD

For more information about Materiel go here!

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