Wednesday, May 26, 2010

My first roll of film from Blakhol!

I got into the lomography craze thanks to Xin Ni!XD.Since it was my first roll of film(Agfa CT Precisa 100) so I only managed to get 24/36 shots.)-:

But I will practice and learn more to create more awesome pictures!XD
These are the nicest to me and my friends so far...XD
Mamak stalls near UTAR.
Double exposure in Taman Pertanian.
Lake in Taman Pertanian.I still don't know where the red lining came from...
Xin Ni,Kai Jun,Wilson and Chee Keen!XD
This picture looks like Wilson's arm is around Xin Ni's shoulder!XP

My not so nice shots...-_-

After seeing all the pictures I finally understood the ISO part and most of pictures are out of focus and I still have a lot to learn!T_T

And it is very hard to find a photolab in Kuala Lumpur that develops slide film for an affordable price.There's one shop in Seri Petaling that develops slide film for RM58!0_0.A lot of shops are charging for a high price cause not many people develop slide films anymore.But thankfully I got my slide films developped for only RM15!At Foto Mega in Setapak,thanks to Wesley cause the shop is near his college,Tar college.

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