Monday, May 17, 2010

La Base Face To Phase Campaign Auditions(Update)

A friend introduced this event to me last week and I should have posted it in my blog so that my readers could go and participate also!Bag blogger!*smacks self*

It was a day after the Broga trip and I was still tired from the trip but I was really curious about this audition so I went anyway!XD.It was a good experience and since it was my first time auditioning for this kinda stuff so I think I kinda suck at posing...

Went to this audition with Samantha!XD.The whole process starts by registering first then it was straight to hair(courtesy from A-CUT Above) and make-up(courtesy of RMK)!They just give the girls temporary curls and I got loose temporary curls and the girl who did my make-up gave me the smoky eye look!I think its cool!XD

Here's a look at the make-up she has done for me!

After hair and make-up then we'll have to wait for our turn to take some shots and change into the sleeveless shirt they borrowed to us,sadly didn't get a picture of it and I thought they will let us keep the shirt!The photographer will ask us to give him a serious,crazy,smile,normal look.After that you're done!

I want to go to auditions like this one again cause I actually feel really good after they help us with hair and make-up!Its kinda fun too and you get to see some good-looking models too!XD

Oh and did I tell you that they gave us each 1 free T-shirt?!XD
I got the one with the pink heart and there is another one with the red heart!XD

After we're done its time to camwhore at Ichiban Boshi while we're having lunch!XD
Me and Kenny who also joined us for the audition!

The infamous toilet shot!XD
And lastly,
Samantha's poodle,Ben!XD.This dogs humps like crazy man!XD



This is the picture they took of me for the campaign!I think I look weird in this picture lo!-_-

As one of the chosen ones,I am invited to go to the launching of La Base shop in Pavillion this Thursday,20th May 2010 at 7.30p.m. to 10.00 p.m.XD

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