Saturday, May 8, 2010


Dad found a baby snake/cobra in the garden this morning!It was inside the flower pot and my dad thought it was an earthworm cause it has shiny skin...-_-lll.He putted it in this tupperware and poke holes in the cover so that it has oxygen,he expected my younger sisters to bring it to school for some science experiment...-_-lll.There is no way the school would do an experiment on a maybe very dangerous snake!

It has yellow stripes on its body.

It rattles/flicks/wags its tail when it feels threatened(when my dad shakes the tupperware...-_-).It did try to bite but whack the tupperware instead.Hopefully its mummy doesn't come and look for it...or else we have a big big problem.

I googled it and there is a big possibility that it is a baby King Cobra!0_0...they have similar skin color and its fierce...and you could find King Cobras in Malaysia too.But I don't live near any forest!How on earth it can end up in my garden?!

Well,its cute in a way...XD.Sadly,we will have to kill plans to put it under the sun...T_T...I already have a name for it!I call it Blaco!XD

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