Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy Belated Mother's Day!

I celebrated Mother's Day a day earlier with my family and my dad's mum by going to dinner at Dragon-i,Cititel Hotel.We planned to have dinner at Purple Cane Tea Restaurant,The Gardens but it was already full house so Dragon-i it is!Actually,I prefer Purple Cane's dishes than Dragon-i dishes!XD

Here are my test shots for the Food mode which I have just discovered from my Panasonic Lumix DMC-FS3 a few days ago...-_-lll.

This herbal whole chicken dish was only available during the 8th-9th May for the Mother's Day promotion.And it is not really nice and it costs RM47!My mum could make it too and it would taste so much better!
The popular Siew Lung Pao!
You're suppose to bite the top part and suck out the soup inside,then only eat the whole thing!
Take a piece of this roti canai-looking thing(but this is way harder than roti canai!)
Put some of this on the roti canai-look-a-like.Its actually pork,with some bell peppers and it was suppose to be spicy but it wasn't.Esquire Kitchen can cook up a better and tastier version of this dish!
Wrap it up and eat it!Voila!XD.
I don't like long beans at all so didn't touch this dish.
This dish is consist of a variety of mushrooms and it it always ordered whenever I go to Dragon-i cause my 2 younger sisters are mushroom addicts...-_-lll
Its small pieces of pork,with mushrooms and red bell pepper with some sauce.This dish is really nice!XD

I think I made you guys hungry...XD


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