Sunday, May 23, 2010

My first lolita outing(15 May 2010)

The Malaysian Lolita Club has held an outing on 15 May 2010 at Theobroma Chocolate Lounge,Bangsar Village II.It was my first time going to this kind of outing so I was nervous that I don't meet the standards there or if I broke a rule...But it turned out well!^_^.I get to meet some of the Malaysian Lolitas and make new friends.I went there at 12.30p.m. and ate lunch there first and the games started at 1.30p.m. after everyone has arrived.

Now let the pictures do the talking!XD

I ordered this lunch set that costs about RM15.50 without tax and service charge.This set consist of 1 chocolate drink and 1 plate of Spaghetti Prawn Olio.
As a chocolate lover,I love this drink!and the whole cup is swirled with chocolate that has harden so I have to scrape the chocolate with the straw...-_-lll
Whipped Cream!XD
This is not a really nice Prawn Olio because its oily,tasteless and only the prawns have a salty taste.It was already cold when they served it to me.

Guki and Silvennia's babies!A doll that cost more than RM1000,no wonder they are so precious!XD
Aiko(in Btssb),the leader of Malaysia Lolita Club and Ice-cream/Hermes(in Dear Celine & Btssb).I love Hermes's Btssb 'The Wizard Of Oz' skirt and beret!SO ADORABLE!XD
My petti looks dead compared to hers!-_-
Suz(in Bodyline) & Emily(Btssb)!Suz is only 16 this year and Emily is 20 already.Emily is a big fan of U-Kiss and other Korean guy groups!XD
Me & Nana(in Btssb)!Also a fangirl to Korean guy groups!XD.Next time we must take nicer picture together!XD
Wawa(in Bodyline) and I!I first met her when I was in UTAR and saw her again today and she came all the way from Kampar.XD

Fabric shot!XD.From left:Nana,Suz,Emily,Aiko,Hermes and I(squished at the end!).

Time for the games!XD
Lolitas gathering in the front.
Crossword puzzle to start!I can fail at this if it was a test,so must brush up my lolita knowledge!
Ice-breaking game with your own group members.
Look at Hermes pose so cool~XD
Lolitas gather round!XD
Charades?I think cause 1 member of the group has to use actions to describe a word while the other members have to guess the word!My group won!XD.I was suppose to describe 'Burando' which was difficult!Bunny-chan got it right!XD

After this game,I have to leave already so I didn't get to camwhore with the other girls!

I really hope I can go to another lolita outing and stay there till its over!XD

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Nana said...

emily is wearing Angelic Pretty~~ xD

btw,we shall took nicer picture next time~~