Wednesday, May 19, 2010

My cooking adventures!XD

I actually got bored of eating instant noodles almost everyday for lunch so I sort of explored my kitchen for some stuff that I could work with!I am not a chef and I never cook often either!

I call the first dish Carrot-ti!XD
The yellow lighting in my dining area makes the spaghetti look orange...

-as much spaghetti as you want!(but I am cooking for myself only so serving is for 1 person)
-cooking oil(I use this oil instead cause I don't have olive oil)
-1 carrot(chopped into pieces)
-1 tomato(chopped into pieces)
-some chopped garlic
-some chopped shallots(small onions)
-salt,mixed herbs & black pepper
-Mushroom Oyster sauce

1.Cook your spaghetti according to the instructions on the packet.Once spaghetti is cooked well,drain it but leave some of the liquid behind.
2.Heat the pot and pour 2 teaspoons of cooking oil and toss in the garlic and shallots and fry it but not until it burns.
3.Fry the chopped carrot and tomato together.
4.Add a dash of salt,mixed herbs & black pepper.
5.Add a teaspoon of Mushroom Oyster Sauce.
6.Pour the cooked spaghetti along with some of the liquid into the pot and fry it together until it looks like it has some sauce in the spaghetti.Then its ready!XD

The end results!I actually it taste quite nice,its light and its healthy too!XD

The other time I tried cooking spaghetti again,I tried to change the initial ingredients a bit!

I call this dish Pepper-ti!Cause I use green bell peppers and their scent is very strong in this dish.

-butter(I replace the cooking oil with butter now)
-1 carrot(chopped into pieces)
-1/2 green bell pepper(chopped into pieces),You could put as much as you want actually
-a few slices of zuchini(japanese cucumber)
-some chopped shallots
-some chopped garlic
-a few tablespoons of milk(I use low-fat milk cause I don't have full cream milk.But the spaghetti will taste better with full cream milk)
-sesame oil
-mixed herbs and black pepper

1.Cook spaghetti as usual.Save some of the water you boiled the spaghetti in.
2.Heat the pot.Put it 1 teaspoon of butter and swirl it around the pot and make sure it doesn't burn before you put in the garlic and shallots so must act fast!
3.Then put in the green bell peppers,carrots and zucchini and fry it.
4.Add a dash of mixed herbs and black pepper.
5.Add 2 tablespoons of milk and 1 teaspoon of sesame oil and cook it all together and its done once you see there is a creamy texture on the noodles.

I guess this time,the spaghetti is a bit more fattening with the milk,butter and sesame oil!XD.But its still yummy!XD

Why not you try it yourself and tell me your opinions?XD

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