Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Renaissance Buffet on my Birthday.

Renaissance sucky Lunch Buffet again!Actually the whole point of going there again is to use the free cake voucher!Parents killed my suppose to be wonderful morning so I was in a bad mood for the whole day,thank god there's food to make me feel better!

My first round,looks disgusting but forgive me cause I was hungry and want to try a lot of stuff at one time!XD.Tin foil contains salmon as you can see in the next picture.Next is beef with black pepper gravy,sambal sotong(this was awesome),rendang beef(awesome),herbal chicken,gravy for salmon and middle is lasagna!

Salmon was alright,its dry but with the sauce its ok.

Second round is DESSERTS!!!Sorry my sweet tooth is calling me!XD.

Blob of white thing is strawberries covered with whipped cream,chocolate sauce and icing sugar!Bloody sour strawberries,thank god can use those to cover the sour-ness!Next,is some brownie cake thingy sorry I forgot cause it tasted normal like other brownies.The tart beside SUCKS!ONE BITE WAS ALL IT TAKE TO KNOW HOW SUCKY IT IS!Next,is a chocolate covered peanuts!Yummy!XD

Third round-Desserts again!XD.White blob is Strawberries again!XD.Chocolate covered strawberry beside and chocolate covered cornflakes.That cup thing is coffee-flavoured jelly with chocolate sauce.Some chocolate covered biscuit which was too hard to bite.Chocolate covered marshmallows~XD

4th round,got some mussels in tomato sauce which was quite nice,some stick thing that has scallops!XD

Super duper plain and no taste spaghetti and it was not even hot!

Yummy vegetarian curry thing!ME LIKE!XD

 Sausages in creamy mushroom sauce was normal only,I could even make it myself.Awesome vegetarian curry!!!XD.Some small piece of chicken which I forgotten what it is.Penne that was way better then the spaghetti before!

I can't wait to stop eating there cause its not worth it and they were flies around the Salad Bar,thank god I don't like salad.Only got 2 flavours of ice-cream which was Strawberry and some Lime flavour thing.But there was a lot of toppings such as walnuts,hazelnuts and more nuts.I don't wanna eat there anymore cause it sucks!Shangri La serves way better food!

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