Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Yeah,that movie about trains that almost made me and Ayesha regret for even watching it!

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Ayesha,my little sister and I went to watch this in Pavillion after having lunch with Jaclyn who is gonna finish working in Uniglo!We didn't know what to expect from this movie cause it was not our first choice!We wanted to watch 'Megamind' but the timing was not right for us.

It is stated that this movie was based on true events so it was convincing.This movie started so slow and boring that I saw Ayesha almost nodding off already until the movie reached its climax where a fast no-man train was heading to Pine's and Washington's train.If you don't like trains don't watch this movie because this entire  movie revolves around the unstoppable no-man train and the small train being controlled by those 2 man in the picture.Heck,I had no idea what they were talking about when they were speaking train!Rosario Dawson's role was some train instructor or some sort and all she did was pick up calls and order people.

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Chris Pine's estranged wife in the movie is such a slut!She was ignoring his calls initially then when he's in a life and death situation only she calls him when he's too busy trying to save a state to pick up!And she was all I love you again and i forgive you and all those shit,she probably just wants to be known as a hero's wife,upgrade in the social status or something!

There was a few funny parts in this movie!One of them is when a bunch of police officers were suppose to aim and fire at the 'Stop' button at the bottom of the unstoppable train but when they started shooting then they were stopped because..when the camera zoomed in,the 'Stop' button was next to the fuel tank!Bloody hell,how can they not know that?They can't blow up the train cause it contains explosive and chemically dangerous chemicals!The best part of this movie was when these 2 police cars was crossing the railway to help the train,then they crashed into each other!It was hilarious!They were not even involved with anything bad and they just crashed just like that!XD

I give this movie a 5/10!Its get 5 points for the 2 police cars!And also the hot Chris Pine and old but still hot Denzel Washington!!!XD

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