Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Taylor's Asian Food Fair 2010

This event was few months ago and I'm only blogging about it now...XP.Taylor's University had an Asian Food Fair for 2 days and as a food freak,I was in heaven when I was there.I was smiling from ear to ear and I wanted to try everything but not all of it is cheap,which is typical of taylor's.

Korean food anyone?The guy is so nice to pose for me voluntarily!XD

Some belly dancing performance!She's so cool,I'm gonna go learn belly dancing soon so that I can shake it like Shakira!XP

I bought the Oreo flavoured shave ice!Mine was the 2nd last one so I was lucky!XD.It was really good and it was worth it!I will give more details about it at the last few pictures!


I bought a doughnut from here as a snack and it was the caramel flavoured one but I forgotten the name.

Fruit juice anyone?

There was more stores outside but I didn't get to take a picture because it was super crowded.So these are my loot for the first day!XD

Awesome assam laksa!!!XD.Only RM5,the price was reduced from RM6. It was worth it cause it was good and there was a lot of noodles and vegetables and fish meat.

This was the Oreo flavoured shaved ice!Got some jelly things and some crushed Oreos and chocolate flakes.It was a big bowl and for only RM5.90!!!SO WORTH IT!WAY BETTER THAN 100YEN SHOP'S SHAVED ICE!!!XD


Please have more food fair like this in the future,Taylor's!!!I would be more loyal to you and it would make my food life less boring!!!XD

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