Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Holland 2004

Next day was Amsterdam,Holland!!!XD.The place itself is beautiful if you exclude the fact that there is a huge Red Light District!XD.The hotel we stayed at which I think is the Holiday Inn,has a nice room just nice for 2 people and there's a beautiful portrait of 2 angels on the wall above the bed!Damn,I don't have the pictures to prove it though!

Riding the canal to sight see the whole town.

Stoned expression again.

Didi you know that the price for a house in Amsterdam is determined by the height,width and square feet?So people with low income will have really narrow houses and people with a big income will have a wider or taller house!

I think this is the smallest house in the town!XD

Visited a diamond factory and saw how they cut the diamond.

 Then we visited a clogs-making factory and a cheese-making factory!Same location but different rooms!

For some reasons,it reminds me of Teletubbies...XP.

Tomorrow there will be a new destination!You guys are probably sick of this type of post already!XD

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