Monday, November 22, 2010

I love getting henna

My love for henna initially started when I was on my way to the Monorail station in Little India,Brickfields.Brickfields changed a lot cause the government wants to make it a tourist attraction so lotsa decorative lights and statues everywhere and everything is repainted to look nicer.Its so commercialized,they should just keep it in its normal state then it would be more authentic.I don't think a tourist wants to go a place that has been commercialized,it would be boring in my opinion.

Ok back to my love for henna art!XD.I was on my way to the monorail station then I saw this shop in front of the monorail having a henna service. Red henna=RM5 and Black henna=RM10 for one hand.So Ayesha and I was interested and we said we'll do it once we get back from Pavillion.The whole point of this trip was for me to go redeem my vouchers from Uniglo and it was the opening day of Uniglo too.I admit,I underestimated the Malaysian crowd because I was there around 1p.m and the crowd outside was FUCKING FUCKING FUCKING LONG!!!It was that long that I have to use 'Fucking' 3 times or more.I did wait in the line but after 30 minutes then I gave up and just went to Pavillion with the others.

Damn I keep sidetracking to another topic.Anyway,this time is just about the henna!Took the monorail back to Brickfields so that we could get the henna and we didn't expect a big crowd waiting so got in line again and waited for our turn.It was a day before Deepavali so it was expected.We got to pay first then only they will draw it and she'll ask if you wanna do it for 2 hands,which color and if you wanna draw it on your palms or hands.

I got the red one done on my right hand.The patterns they drew are different for every person so its like one of a kind!XD.Ayesha got the black one done and hers lasted longer than mine which was gone in one week.Black henna last longer than the red one cause of some chemicals in the black one.

The drying process.It will peel and once its all peeled off then you have to put oil on it before letting the henna to touch water.Oil will help make it last longer.

This is the 2nd one I got!At first it was done in my college but the henna that was used turned out to be orange instead of red so Ayesha couldn't stand the orange color so she drove all the way back to Brickfields and we were actually trying to look for the shop that we went to for our first henna.Since the henna lady told us before that her store is close to the monorail station,we went with our instinct and we actually found her shop!It was the first shop that we checked out too!So Ayesha went to thread her eyebrows first for only RM5 and it was actually very cleanly done maybe I'll try it next time cause it looks painful but actually its not!After that we asked the lady to cover our orange henna with the red henna and it looked better in red!XD.
Next time you wanna get your henna done,go to this shop!Its upstairs of a goldsmith shop,which is beside a locksmith shop near the Brickfields monorail station.

I am gonna try the black one later once this one rubs off~~~XD

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