Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Brussels 2004~

Done with all my classes for the semester but still got loads of assignments to do and deadlines are this Friday and next Wednesday!I wanna get this Europe trip adventures post over and done with so I can concentrate more on my assignments for now.Brussels was the 2nd last destination for this trip around Europe!I'm gonna say I love this place also,actually I love them all!XD.That day was my birthday too but I didn't celebrate though.Brussels is an awesome present already!XD

I forgot what was that monument behind me...-_-lll

 This statue was hanging on the ceiling in one of the shopping complex,so cool!Some dinosaur carrying a cow.

One of the main attractions in Brussels is the fountain of a girl taking a pee. Stupid grill and lock totally destroyed the picture! It was pretty hard to find this fountain cause its hidden in the corner of one street.

The fountain of a boy peeing is also one of the main attractions!This one was easier to find compared to the girl fountain.I even got the fridge magnets at home right now!XP. I don't know why they love statues of children peeing...

I don't know what this is but I like it!XD

 Many pretty buildings can be seen around here and the roads are not tar roads like here in Malaysia but actual cobblestone roads.

 Beautifully architectures buildings everywhere and there was a lot of street painters too!

 I bought some Leonardo chocolates there too cause its popular there and the line was quite long so we assume its good and it was good!XD. But later after that a Leonardo chocolate shop opened in Mid Valley Megamall too,but I never buy it from there!XD
There are actually statues on the roof of the buildings around the town square!So beautiful!So many artsy fartsy things in Brussels that I love it!XD

Last stop is London!XD

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