Monday, October 25, 2010

True Blood Season 3

I FINALLY FINISHED IT!AFTER MONTHS OF NOT THINKING ABOUT IT THANKS TO BLOODY ASSIGNMENTS. So that's the reason I did not go online for 3days cause I was glued to the TV and the DVD player. I just realized that not going online for a few days can seriously make me miss a lot of birthdays and makes me more paranoid about assignment deadlines because my last few assignments had Monday deadlines.

True Blood season 3 is definitely not the last season! Stupid cliffhanging endings!All of last episodes always end with stupid cliffhangers that drives me nuts!This season is no exception! Sookie disappears with some chick to god knows where fairy land, Sam shots something, Bill versus the vamp queen, ERIC ALMOST GOT CEMENTED ALIVE!Thankfully he didn't die, cause it would totally destroy the whole point of watching True Blood anyway. Eric Northman, real name Alexander Skarsgard is the MOST SEXIEST MAN I HAVE EVER SEEN SINCE JARED LETO! HE BEATS JARED LETO BIG TIME!XD.

I shall drown you all with his sexiness with these pictures!Don't say I didn't warn you!X3

 This was his hairstyle for the 1st season. But it didn't start my obsession to him.

Then it got to the 2nd season and then I started going gaga over him!XD. I didn't notice that he was the guy that appeared in Lady Gaga's video 'Paparazzi' until I wiki-ed.YAY, GAGA AND ALEXANDER!XD

 Omg...Seriously,looks good in a tracksuit!

 Tall handsome men can really affect me!

The controversial Rolling Stones cover where they are naked but not really showing all of their nakedness.I don't think there's anything wrong with it.You can't see anything except for Alexander's hot abs and Stephen's butt.

I saved the best for last!XD. I am not being pervertic but just showing how Alexander Skarsgard has an awesome body that can make me go wobbly at my knees and get me turned on if you add in his voice and the fact that he's 194cm tall!He's Swedish!His piercing eyes...damn,can make me melt instantly!Plus,he was one of the sergeants in the Swedish Navy!He's 34 years old now,I think.

I wonder if he's still dating Kate Bosworth. She's one hell of a lucky woman to be able to date him!Heck,Lady Gaga is lucky enough to be on the bed and kiss him too!

(all pictures are found in Google Images so credits given to their respective owners)

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