Monday, September 27, 2010

Degree is way different

I sort of got a reality check that my academic way of writing is not so good after I got my marks for my first assignment for one of my subjects, Communication,Rhetoric and Reasoning. I got 58% which is Passing Grade 1 anymore lower I could fail my assignment already. The fact that I have to redo the whole thing because I would get an INSTANT FAIL for my first submission cause I didn't know how to link my arguments and blah blah blah but I'm grateful that my lecturer,Francesca is guiding us the whole way so that I won't get an instant fail.I seriously need to improve my writing and I NEED TO STOP PROCRASTINATING!ITS BAD TILL THE POINT I WON'T SLEEP A DAY BEFORE THE DEADLINE!A lot of people said its normal to do that,but I don't like doing it at all but my laziness get the best of me as usual.-_-lll.

There's small part of me that regretted for taking this course and its still there.I wanted to be an air stewardess before Journalism even came into my mind but I don't think I can meet the requirements because my increasing eye power,for now its 925 for both of my eye and as I stare more into this laptop,it will still increase and contact lens is not helping!I wanna get laser eye treatment but I heard it's not long-lasting and you have to maintain it by going to regular checkups,sadly,parents won't let me work and I am currently studying so there's no way I can make enough money to get laser eye treatment. I am only 160cm I think and to most airlines,it does not meet the height requirement. But there's a catch, if the interviewer asks me, 'Why do you want to be an air-stewardess?' ,then I won't even know how to answer.It happens also when people ask me why I took Journalism instead of the mainstream,Mass Comm subject.

So for now I'm still soul searching,but I am not gonna drop out from my degree because of that,I will be skinned alive by my family then I would be stereotyped as those students who waste parent's money.

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