Wednesday, September 22, 2010

From Kellie's to Pangkor

I went on a family trip to Pangkor last month and I didn't know about this Pangkor thing until last minute and I had an assignment deadline on the day we left to Pangkor so you know how much I was PRAYING THAT THEY HAVE WI-FI AT THE HOTEL WE ARE GONNA STAY AT!

Anyway,on the way to the jetty place where we can ride a boat to Pangkor, we passed by Kellie's Castle.So my sisters and I were like COOL!!!Then dad has to U-turn back so that we could go visit it.It was my first time visiting a castle and in our little country Malaysia!So I was super curious!I heard of it but didn't know where it was so lucky my dad used the old way instead of the highway or else I would never get a chance to visit it!You have to pay a small fee to enter though.
The first thing my dad said when he got out of the car is,"Faster!Faster!Take a picture of me and your mum with the castle!".
Then he said,"Faster 3 of you go take also!".
My dad was very touristy that time...-_-lll.

Before we went to exploring Kellie's Castle,I gotta see this so called Bear Tree that even appeared on newspaper.

Ok,its a bear alright!I don't think someone can carve this good.
Time for Kellie's!XD

This is the storeroom if I am not mistaken.Obviously not well maintained.

Its the living room!Why don't they make walkways like these anymore?!
I somehow think the shape reminds me of Aladdin's castle...

Long corridors~
I felt a little scared after reading this sign,imagine you stay here at night alone...0_0

May I present Harry the Orang Utan!XD. He arrived at my house in a badly handled envelope but he's gone now cause I gave him to an orphan when I visited an orphanage last 2 weeks.
A well,used for ventilation.
Harry's job is to camwhore!XD. Just joking!I'm suppose to bring him to explore as many stuff as possible and its to spread awareness to everyone about the almost going to be extinct orang utan species.

Stairway to nowhere!XD

Taken from the roof of Kellie's castle!XD

Saw this on the way out,such a pretty color~XD

Took that boat and reached the private island where Pangkor Laut Beach Resort is.

Have to sit on those buses to get to the hotel unless you wanna exercise by lugging your luggage all the way there,which is quite the distance!

Reached the hotel!I like it that they have a lot of chairs and tables around so that everyone gets a seat.For some reason,I don't like hotels with a few chairs or sofas,its like they are trying to cut cost by reducing the amount of chairs!

Everyone was given this sirap drink containing some black seeds that looks like tadpole eggs(someone tell me what it is?).Its very refreshing cause it was a hot day,but its always a hot day in Malaysia!XP

Whole family checking out the place after putting our luggage into the room.

We stayed at one of the rooms and you can now laugh at my i don't know what expression face.

This pool was near to my room but I didn't swim there at all cause got lotsa families swam there and the last time I went there,someone pooped in the pool.DISGUSTING!THANK GOD I WAS NOT IN THE POOL THAT TIME!

That's me staring at the sea,the water was way cleaner than any other beach that i have been to and the beach is clean too!Not many shells and crabs though.

Beautiful sunset view!

Some entertainment in case someone doesn't wanna go relax on the beach,I played pool with my sisters and it was disastrous cause no one knew how to play.

They did put a warning sign at the door to the balcony in my room about the monkeys but one time we left the door open and the table was filled with food while my mum was watching her korean drama on the laptop and this male/female here crept in and took one of the cup noodles and ran away!Mum didn't even noticed until my sister started screaming 'MONKEY!!!'.

The hotel has activities planned everyday so since it was a Saturday,they had Limbo Night on the beach!So the kids went to play and my sister too and she won!So they gave her some postcards as prize.I saw that foreigner in the white shirt(Mum thinks he looks like Bill Kaulitz...-_-lll) just a few days ago in The Gardens cinema,such a small world.

This hotel is famous for its horn bills and you can see them all around the hotel during in the morning and evening cause it will be their feeding time.

I miss my Harry!T_T

Looking very cool with the sunnies!XD...T_T.I think my dad saw my Blakhol already cause I was holding it out in the open so obviously.

I stayed at the hotel for 3 days,2 nights and since its not in the city,I didn't get to walk anywhere else except the mini mart and the hotel area. Eating hotel food the whole time was driving me nuts cause the food was just ok. I even saw one of the lady there who works as the restaurant receptionist,put the DIRTY HANDS INTO THE BOWL OF DRIED FRUITS!!!DISGUSTING TO THE MAX,THANK GOD I DIDN'T TOUCH THOSE WHO KNOWS ALL OF THE WORKERS THERE STUFF THEIR FINGERS INSIDE ALSO!Next time,if I see her do that again,I'm gonna make a complain!

They have wifi at the lobby area!So I managed to finish my assignment and send it in time!Phew!And there was some performances by a group from the Philippines and they sang lotsa songs but not all of it sounds nice...especially the Nobody song by Wonder Girls.

Thanks to this trip I got sunburned at the shoulders and i got darker,so I grabbed any whitening product I can find once I reached home...I rather be pale white than tanned. 

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