Saturday, September 4, 2010

I googled myself

I know I haven't been updating much with college assignments and all but I'm back!XD. Its a big relieve after completing my first assignments so that I can enjoy my 2 weeks holiday without worry! But I still have to study for my Moral test right after my holidays...T_T.

I tried googling myself after my lecturer,Ms.Anita told the whole class to. And i found an article about the Harajuku competition I joined last year.They made a mistake for saying I was in Sweet Lolita when clearly I was dressed up in Classic Lolita and I don't remember saying about how people would spend money on costumes. But I can't find my blog after I googled myself maybe cause my blog's username is not my real name.I shall change it!XD

It was fun experience cause I get to meet more people with the same interest as I am and I won as 1st Runner Up!The whole point I joined the competition is just to try my luck as it was my first time joining a competition in my lolita dress.Which won some vouchers which already have put to good use!It would be nicer if it was cash so that I could go buy more lolita dresses.I wonder if they are gonna have a competition like that again, I wouldn't mind joining again!XD

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