Friday, February 11, 2011

No Crackle!T_T

I just found out I can't order China Glaze's Crackle polish for now...Oh well,it saves me money!XD.By the way,I just made an impulse purchase which happens to be the most expensive accessory I will ever own.Its handmade by local designers.The reasons I bought this are to support local designers(MALAYSIA BOLEH!) and handmade things and also it would look really nice with my lolita coordinate!I will definitely post up pictures of it and reveal its identity to you all once I receive it!I wonder if my parents read my blog...If they find out about this purchase I got,I AM SO DEAD MEAT!They would probably cut down my allowance!T_T.

I have a soft spot for handmade things...I love buying handmade accessories especially!Lately,I have this obsession with RAINBOWS!OMG ANYTHING THAT HAS RAINBOWS ON IT!!!I am currently,expanding my rainbow collection,so far I have rainbow earrings,hairpins,strap and I am gonna get rainbow socks and this OH SO CUTE RAINBOW HAIRBAND THAT COST A BOMB!RM160!BUT ITS SO NICE!OMG I SHOULD START SAVING FOR THIS!

Picture credits to sereni&shentel

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