Monday, June 7, 2010


aka Prince Of Persia The Movie!XD

Picture credits to google.

Just watched it today at GSC Mid Valley with Xin Ni,Chee Keen and Kai Jun.Lotsa people said the movie is not good or it sucks.I think its alright,its not bad.The good thing about the movie is...THE EXTREMELY HOT JAKE GYLLENHAAL!!!XDXDXDXDX3!!!The thing is he has a hairy chest but all ang mohs are hairy.I don't really like men with hairy chest but I will make an exception for him and Hugh Jackman too and more ang moh actors that I forgotten their names!XP

Gemma Arteton has a very small waist!0_0.I envy her!I wish I could have a hot bod like hers!But I don't have the liberty to go to the gym everyday so obviously I wouldn't get that body as fast as her.

Since the movie is in set in Persia,why are they speaking in British accent?And I don't know why they still have the time to even kiss when they were looking for Dastan's uncle!-_-.I think the CGI effects are cool!XD.At least they found an actor that has some resemblance to the character in the Playstation game!XD

I give this movie a 7/10!

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