Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Dear John,She's Outta My League,When In Rome,Toys Story 3

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I watched Dear John like finally!But as usual whenever they make movies outta books its not really nice and they make improvisations!They did follow the books quite thoroughly,cause I read the book before the movie!The romantic moments are spot on!XD.Amanda Seyfried is the perfect actress for that character!With the gap in between the teeth and all!XD

I give it a...7/10!

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This movie is really funny!!!XD.It shows that love has no boundaries and all a girl wants is a guy that will accept her for who she is and be honest.The irony in this film is true in so many ways.For some reason,the actress,Alice Eve reminds me of Anna Nicole Smith.

It gets a 8/10!

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This movie has some scenes where there is no logic at all!But it has comedy!XP.I like Kirsten Bell!XD

It get a 7/10!

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Watched this movie with Xin Ni,Chee Keen and Kai Jun on Monday in 3D!So as always for Pixar movies,they will show a short movie before they show the one we are looking forward to.They showed a short movie called 'Day and Night' if I'm not mistaken,and it is not as nice as the short movie with the Magician and the rabbit.I really enjoyed Toy Story 3,though you can't really see the 3D effects so best is to watch the 2D version to save money.OMG,I SPOTTED TOTORO IN THE MOVIE AND ITS SO CUTE!!!X3.Xin Ni and I screamed at the part where they zoomed in on the Monkey with the cymbals was screaming and fighting with Woody and Slingy(The dog).DAMN SCARY OK!They drew the monkey's eyes to be so scary!T_T

The scariest toy is this one!Scary Baby Doll!T_T.So scary until I don't even wanna put the picture in my blog!

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I LOVE REX!XD.So bubbly even when its not the time to be bubbly!XD

This movie gets a 9/10!XD

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