Friday, June 4, 2010

Genting Highlands with HTF(31 May-1 June)

This trip was suppose to be our 'last' trip together before everyone goes on with their lives in different colleges but I don't think it will be our last trip together!^_^

Hon Yuen and Wilson in the bus which engine kept dying even when we're not going up to Genting yet...-_-
Wilson was trying to capture the nightlights of Genting which looks like Hogwarts to him from the bus but not successful...
If I didn't know that is the Digi man,I would totally think it was a ghost.0_0
We are on the cable car to heaven!XD
Look like some horror movie.0_0.THE CABLE CAR OF DOOM!XD
Must put as many Kai Jun picture as possible cause he's so shy of the camera!XP

Fail shot 1.
Fail shot 2.
Much better but Xin Ni's hand ah...XD
The angels in Theme Park Hotel are scary,can you imagine if you're alone in the middle of the night walking at the lobby and you could feel their eyes on you for some reason...
The bear band is still there,its been there for many many years already!
Our hotel room number.
Hon Yuen & Kai Jun.
Chee Keen super huge hands.
Wilson with the cards and Kai Jun acting cute!XP
Me reading CLEO magazine,June Issue.I won the Gwen Stefani contest!XD.You can see my name at the winners section at the back and you can also catch a glimpse of me in a photo in the article about the Neutrogena Hydro Boost Line!XD
Gimme the remote!

Went to Kenny Roger's for a late dinner and everyone was starving by that time!
Wilson's plate.
Chee Keen's plate.
Xin Ni's plate.

Went to the arcade to play!
Its a new accessory!XD
This game killed my arms!You have to hit the buttons like crazy!

Wilson,you can't press the nose,its plastic!
Me and Xin Ni!XD

Managed to get this amount of tickets.
Toilet shot!XD

So wasted should have used flash!

Walking back to the hotel...
Busy watching Dark Night!XD
Dawn has come...
Discussing on where to eat breakfast...
I was playing with Blakhol~
We decided to eat at Hainan Cafe and damn they are expensive just for a few pieces of toast!Never ever gonna eat there again!

Pictures are taken by Wilson,Chee Keen and Xin Ni!XD

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