Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Time to catch up!

I am so sorry for neglecting you,my dear blog~~~

I have been slacking around the house,watching some DVDs and just eating to my heart's content.I tried to get the tickets for MTV World Stage Live In Malaysia through the website for the 3rd time and I already feel like giving up!YES!MTV WORLD STAGE LIVE IN MALAYSIA FOR THE SECOND TIME!But this time only 4 artist are performing such as

Bunkface!Our very own local rock band!XD.
credits to mizkadiah

Tokio Hotel!!!XD.They are coming back!OMG!TOM TOM!!!XD
credits to

Katy Perry!XD.Though I wonder what is she gonna wear when she's performing?
credits to

And lastly,WONDER GIRLS!XD.First time an Asian artist is featured in MTV World Stage Live!I can imagine myself singing together with them already!We have 2 different tears,After all these years~~~.I don't know why of all the girls in China,they have to choose her?!China girl at the far right bottom row.Her voice is not really good also and she is not as pretty as the girl she replaced!
credits to luvkorean

The line up of artist this year is just ok,if you exclude Tokio Hotel.I prefer last year's line up!Where they have Hoobastank,Boys Like Girls,The All-American Rejects,Pixie Lott and etc.Hopefully MTV will bring in maybe Muse,JET(Oh please bring in JET!),Lady Gaga(I doubt she will make it pass the crazy group that always say the artist too sexy and blah blah,look what happened to Beyonce's and Rihanna's concert.),and hopefully not Justin Bieber or else I will throw a B.F!

I am go gonna attempt to get the tickets the 4th time now,just waiting for the time to pass~

If I get sick of waiting for Junior and Bee then I will just go to the roadshow to win the tickets like last year,much easier,saves time and just requires you to head bang and act psycho!XD

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