Thursday, July 15, 2010

Salabianca VOTE FOR ME!

Hey,my dear readers!I would really appreciate it if you take some time from your dota sessions,facebook-ing and shopping moments to read this!

Salabianca has already released the pictures from the photoshoot last week!And the top 20 winners with highest votes will get a goodie bag worth RM30,000!!!0_0

So can you all sweet and beautiful people,give me your votes?:-)

Just go to Salabianca's fanpage and be a fan.And click 'Like' at my picture to vote for me!XD.Click on the picture to be directed to the page!

And I just noticed I'm the only one out of all the people there that is wearing that top...0_0.Then it will be easier for you to find me then!XD.

I forgot to tell you that there was an accident when I went to change into that shirt,the first one they gave me to change into,most the buttons came out cause of the loose threads then they gave me a smaller size one and this time they button it for me!XD.I wasn't even using any strength to button it also!Don't know why such a branded shirt like that can break so easily.

Oh and you guys could vote for my mum and my friends too!XD
My mum!She didn't like her hair cause she looks like Farah Fawcett...-_-lll

Samantha!She looks really awesome here!I really like her picture!XD.Check out her blog too!


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