Friday, July 30, 2010


OMG,I CAN SEE TOKIO HOTEL IN THE FLESH AGAIN!!!XD.I can't wait to see Tom with his sexy smile again!Last time I was a table away from touching him,this time I hope I can touch him!Cause I got AFTER PARTY PASSES!!!WOOT!!!XD.But I gotta thank my dad for that,he bought a new phone which is the Sony Ericsson Xperia Mini on the spot during the MTV World Stage 2010 Roadshow in Sunway Pyramid.By buying the phone,he got 2 concert passes and 2 after party passes!X3

I went for the roadshow for 2 days and the only thing I got is the bluetooth device for phones...-_-lll.I gave that to my dad in exchange for the phone.I seriously hate MTV for making it so hard to win tickets!I even made a poster(will put up pictures later!) and brought my octopus,bunny ears,cat ears and lolita headband!And I learned that I shouldn't lend my stuff to people to win tickets anymore,'kanasai people' win tickets also didn't even bother to give one to me after lending my stuff to them.They won't even win without my stuff!I hope KARMA hunts them down!

But enough about my rage,I can't wait to see THE FAMOUS KATY PERRY TOO!I wonder what's she gonna wear on stage...I heard she's gonna be at the Hilton Hotel,Kuala Lumpur today to meet up with the Pagi Show Crew!I hope its true then you can all go stalk her!XD

Finally Wonder Girls are coming!But I think it will have more impact if MTV invited Girl's Generation instead.I can guarantee you that 3/4 of the audience will be dudes!XD

I wished they brought more artist this year such as Muse,30 Seconds To Mars(Why go Singapore?!),Taylor Swift,LADY GAGA(most probably will get run away like Beyonce and Rihanna thanks to those protestors.-_-lll),JET,Bon Jovi,Madonna,Kylie Minogue,Avril Lavigne,BFW(they will probably get banned.),and brain jammed so actually there's more but I can't recall.BUT PLEASE DO NOT BRING IN JUSTIN BIEBER OR MILEY CYRUS!!!I WILL SERIOUSLY PROTEST IF THAT HAPPENS!

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