Sunday, July 11, 2010

Salabianca's Revolutionize Your Fashion Style

I went to this event with Chloe yesterday and apparently my mum got dragged to join this photo shoot also...-_-lll.At first she said,she just wanna get the free bracelet then later she changed her mind and joined in for the make-up and hair and photo shoot also.-_-lll.Sadly I didn't get much pictures on this event cause my camera went on a camping trip with my sisters...more of a reason for me to get another camera!XD

My no make-up face signing up before going for the make-up,hair session.
Before the photoshoot...they put the hat on me so that I will have the masculine look,for those who know me,knows that I am way far away to be called masculine.
-all pictures credit to Salabianca.

There's still time for you ladies who are interested to go!3 more hours to fly down to Pavillion cause its until 7p.m!XD.They are gonna pick 20 girls only for the finals and you must ask all your family and friends to vote for you in order for you to win the grand prize!But I don't think I will have a chance to win cause I didn't smile to the camera at all,cause I was going for the cool look!XP.Oh well,it was fun getting your hair and make-up done by professionals!XD.I don't know how I would react if my mum manage to get into the top 20...0_0

Oh,I saw my face in an article again for Materiel over here!Thanks Yvonne for telling me about it!XD

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