Tuesday, July 13, 2010

You are beautiful

No matter what they say,cause words can't bring you down~~~

Awesome by the awesome possum,Christina Aguilera!I remember when Fei Sin,Chloe,Feh Fan and Wai Kit went to karaoke a few weeks ago,me and Chloe and Feh Fan was singing to this song and there was 2 guys making out in the video and they zoomed in to their lips and Fei Sin screaming,cause it was too disgusting for her!XD

And I forgotten to post up our jumping pictures after the karaoke thing!XD.All pictures taken with Fei Sin's camera and by Wai Kit,Feh Fan and Fei Sin!XD
Feh Fan,Chloe and Wai Kit with the cool pose.
The jumping shots starts here!XD.Hahaha,Fei Sin's face is hilarious!XD

Feh Fan looks funny also!!!XD
We were trying to jump into a meditating pose,Feh Fan fails!XP
And lastly with something decent!^_^

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