Monday, March 7, 2011

6 hours of nothingness

I am such a horrible student for not paying attention in class cause I didn't know the 8a.m class was cancelled today and I drove all the way and waited to found out that the Social Psychology students are using the same classroom as my Media Literacies subject.Jaclyn and I went to the divisional office to complain but there was no one there.The people that is working there should get a pay cut for coming to work late!We waited for 30 minutes or more until someone finally came to work and changed our classes to another class and said they will inform the lecturer.

So we went to the class to wait and lecturer did not appear cause none of us knew that she has a meeting so she cancelled the class.Thanks to that I have a 6 hour break!I HATE THE PEOPLE WORKING IN TAYLOR'S DIVISIONAL OFFICE UNLESS ITS MY FRIENDS.I was having a mental debate to whether to drive home to nap or kill time here.My dislike to driving has made me stay and I wouldn't wanna give up my parking spot.So I basically killed time spamming my Twitter and other people's Twitter wall and almost borrowed a novel from the library cause I was that bored and was wondering around the library aimlessly.

I have 1hour 10minutes left to my next class at 3-5p.m.Seriously,this year's timetable is so screwed up and I don't know why they have to rely on a timetable generator this semester.They should use the money to build more parking lots instead.

I feel like getting more color contacts from the EOS line.Cause I am currently wearing Max Misty Blue and  my friends notice the color a lot so that's a good thing!I plan to either get the green one or grey.I think my eye power has reached 1000.Cause even astigmatism lens are not helping with my vision,its blurring my vision instead.

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