Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Why choose that name?

Since the parking situation in Taylor's University can be epic,I choose to reach college around 7.30a.m. everyday so that I can have a decent parking space in the basement but obviously reaching early has it cons too.For example,you'll be the only one there among your friends and the library is not open yet so you can't spam people's walls on Twitter or even use the giant screen Mac PC which I am currently using right now.I still can't reverse park my car cause I worry if I try doing it,I might knock into someone's car or block an oncoming car.I need someone to be in the car with me when I try to reverse park for the 1st time in months.

I'm suppose to read some readings for my Media Literacies course right now but I shall procrastinate by blogging instead of reading!I'll read those reading later or else I'll lose my blogging mood.

I don't think I have ever blog about why my bloglink is called velvettears13 so now I will tell you how on earth I got that name and why that number.

Its called velvettears13 because I had a liking to gothic things when I was in my early years in high school so I went to some gothic name generator website and the name Velvet Tears came out so I just took it from there and I think the name is pretty cool!I put the number 13 beside the name because its my favourite number though its known to be a bad luck number in many cultures but I still like this number and I think I was 13 when I started blogging.

Anyway,the title of my blog is Sweet Temptation because I love sweets and desserts that are sweet and they are very tempting and I just discovered a Victoria's Secret fragrance with that name and its smells awesome too but sadly it has been discontinued and so I can't buy it anymore.T_T.The sub-title of my blog is just a small quote from the movie 'Forrest Gump' which I think is really inspiring to me but maybe I'll change it since it has been there for years.

I'm still thinking of ideas of a new header for my blog and I have a pretty simple and no need to use photoshop way of doing one but hopefully it goes well and you can see it soon!Now I shall go meet Ayesha at Starbucks so ciao!

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